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Original Author Meggerman and forum community members.

For People with A Peaked Interest in Linux, Concerned about a lack of Typical software ..
This thread is really just to raise some awareness about the range of available software on Linux that is typically the main stay applications of Microsoft Windows, Most software here is actually cross platform or allows for Account integration into many mainstream & popular services with no fuss.

I sense that some new comers or casually interested folk are looking for alternatives to their existing software, in many cases it is not needed. This isn’t a definitive list by any means.

So here goes ...

Communication Internet Access, Offline Storage & Download Management

Web browsers

Software Notes
Chromium Open source browser based on Google Chrome.
Vivaldi Proprietary freeware with open-source components. Customizable browser for the power user.
Firefox Open source and well featured browser. Required for Gnome Extension Integration.
Chrome Closed source and fast browser. Required for Netflix compatibility.
Opera Closed source and full featured browser with good HiDPI support.
Midori Open source, lightweight and extensible browser suitable for casual browsing.

Social Media & Messaging

Software Notes
Mumble Secure, certificated local server or remote hosted messaging. High quality positional audio.
Discord Free (cost), proprietary cross-platform messaging alternative to TeamSpeak and Skype.
Corebird Modern, easy and fun Twitter software client.
Gwibber Basic Twitter notification software.
Pidgin Google Talk, Yahoo!, IRC, MSN and XMPP.
Chatty Twitch Chat application.
Hexchat Cross platform, themeable IRC client.
Quassel Cross platform Qt based themeable IRC client (can work as a bouncer).
Tox Open source encrypted communication platform for voice, video and chat.

Downloads, Cloud & Backup

Software Notes
Syncthing Encrypted open source data sync software, no central server, private clusters.
Dropbox With desktop sync and integration.
OwnCloud Cloud storage with desktop integration and mobile app sync.
Backula Backup
Deluge Bit torrent
Transmisson Bit torrent lite
KTorrent The KDE Project's torrent client.
Clipgrab Fast Automated Youtube Downloader with queueing and quality selector.

Office Productivity, Accounting & Mail

Software Notes
Okular Universal cross platform document viewer based developed by KDE. PDF, Postscript, DjVu, XPS, ePub.
PDF Studio Non Free, fully featured Adobe Acrobat replacement. Free trial available.
Libre Office Full Office Suite: Calc, Draw, Impress, Math and Writer.
WPS Office Microsoft Office file support. 700 million users. Cross platform, cloud and mobile support.
Thunderbird IMAP, POP with auto registration for Gmail and Yahoo!
WMail Cross platform desktop client for Gmail and Google Inbox.
KMail KDE alternative to Thunderbird.
Evolution GNOME alternative to Thunderbird.
Geary Straightforward IMAP mail client with easy account setup and desktop notification. Gmail and Yahoo!
Manager Accounting Powerful and comprehensive free accounting and ledger software.

Music, Sound & Video Consumption & Creation

Mainly Video (but also audio)

Software Notes
TOMAHAWK Open source, cross platform and mobile music player with cloud streaming integration.
Kaku Open source desktop YouTube, SoundCloud and Vimeo music player. Cross platform.
TwitchLive A Gnome panel extension showing whether your favourite streamers are streaming.
Livestreamer Pipes live video streams into VLC or other media players. Useful for removing streaming lag.
VLC The Swiss Army knife of desktop media players.
KODI Formerly XBMC. Full-screen custom personal cinema and media suite, and game emulator with SteamOS integration.
Skype Professional VOIP/video call client and spyware tool. :P
Plex All in one easy to use client-server desktop/mobile media suite.
mpv A free, open source, and cross-platform media player based on MPlayer (mainly for command line use).
MPlayer Movie player with support for many codecs and output drives (mainly for command line use).

Audio Playback

Software Notes
Banshee GTK-based music and video player. Allows combined music/video playlists. Use this if you're used to iTunes.
Audacious Lighweight alternative to WinAMP with some good audio plugins supplied. Winamp Skin support.
Clementine Amarok alternative music player with good system integration and playlist support.
gmusicbrowser Customizable multi-layout jukebox music player.
JuK Simple but effective jukebox music player.
Deadbeef Clean GTK2/GTK3 music player with headphone crossfeed and large array of format support.
Soundnode Open source SoundCloud app for desktop.
Amarok KDE music player
Music Player Daemon Server-side application for playing music.
Ncmpc MPD client, which runs in a terminal (using ncurses).
Ncmpcpp Featureful ncurses based MPD client inspired by ncmpc.

Audio Creation & Mastering

Software Notes
Audacity Open source easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder. Cross platform.
Ardour NON FREE Open source digital pro-audio recording and mix station.
LMMS Open source digital audio workstation.
Bitwig NON FREE Next generation of software for sound and music creation.
Qtractor An audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer.
Renoise Renoise is a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with a refreshing twist.

Video & Image Editing, Design & production

Software Notes
ShotCut Open source, cross-platform 4K video editor .
Kdenlive Open source powerful multi-track video editor.
Pitivi Free video editor with a beautiful and intuitive user interface.
OBS Open broadcaster, no nonsense video recording and live streaming.
SimpleScreenRecorder Easy to use, multi-threaded video game screen capture software.
GIMP Powerful image editing program. Alternative to Adobe Photoshop.
Autodesk Maya NON FREE 3D Animation production software
LightWave 3D NON FREE Extremely powerful industry standard 3D modelling software.
FreeCAD Computer Aided Design software
Krita Digital painting software with full Wacom graphics tablet support.
MyPaint Quick sketches for Wacom, alternative to Autodesk SketchBook Express.
Darktable Tethered shooting, instant digital picture development and management. Alternative to Lightroom.
Inkscape Professional vector graphics editor. Alternative to Adobe Illustrator.
Scribus Desktop publishing application. Alternative to InDesign and FrontPage.
Autodesk Pixlr Cross platform and mobile web based image drawing and editing program.
Blender Powerful Free and open source 3D creation suite and video editor. Also available on Steam. Tekwiki Article
DraftSight CAD Free cross platform computer aided design software. Supports DWG.

All Things Gaming Related

Software Notes
Game Jolt Open source indie game platform with Linux client. Indie game platform. Upload, buy, and sell. Linux Client available.
Lutris Gaming platform integrator. Launch Steam, Desura, GOG and Humble Bundle games from one platform. Including games that use Wine or emulators.
Steam Err... if you don't know its where the magic happens. Over 2800 Linux games and growing.
GOG Good Old Games. Alternative to Steam. See GOG forum for Linux automated downloader.
Desura Recently updated indie centric game download client.


Software Notes
PCSX2 Cross platform Playstation 2 emulator. Can run PS1 games as well.
Dolphin Emulator Nintendo GameCube and Wii emulator. Linux native version
FCEUX NES (Nintendo Entertainment System, 8bit) emulator
Kega Fusion SEGA MasterSystem, GameGear, Genesis/32X, and SegaCD emulator. Linux native version.
ZSNES SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) emulator
Mupen64Plus Nintendo 64 emulator. Linux native version.
Vice Commodore 64, VIC-20, and PET emulator.
Libretro Cross platform, front end development interface for pluggable emulators and game cores.

Game Creation

Software Notes
Leadwerks NON FREE 3D game engine powered by OpenGL 4.0.
Unity NON FREE Cross platform 3D game engine with tools.
LÖVE Open source, LUA scripting framework for 2D game creation.
OGRE Open source graphics rendering engine.
ioquake3 Free software (GPLv2+) first person shooter engine.
Godot Multi-platform 2D and 3D game engine.
Blender Game Engine Multi-platform. Game engine part of Blender, built in.
Spriter Pro NON FREE Cross platform sprite editing and animation program.
Piskel HTML sprite editor, onion skin, open source.

System Emulation, Virtualization & Compatibility Layers

Software Notes
Winconn RemoteApp Manager, FreeRDP to Windows.
WINE Very good Windows software support for x86/amd64 machines. Please refer to the WINE AppDB pages for additional information when setting up Windows applications (most DirectX9-based games work fine, some require stuff like VC2008 to work and don't tell you about it).
PlayOnLinux [1] Front end Windows gaming management utility that integrates with WINE. Play Windows Steam games.
VirtualBox Easily run full operating systems within a container from your Linux Desktop. 3D gaming not supported.
KVM Supports a VirtualBox-like GUI via virt-manager, supports command line interface via virsh. Reasonably easy to use, performs well, and allows passing through PCI devices to virtual machines (so you can play your video games in a Windows VM if you want to).
Xen Hypervisor, for users willing to read through a lot of documentation to get very good performance out of their machines.

Utilities and What-Not's

Software Notes
Gnome-Pie Circular application launcher for Linux, made of several pies.
indicator-sound-switcher Input/output audio selector,source and sink, specific output port with just two clicks.
Grsync Easy backup software. Graphical front end for R-Sync.
calibre Ebook management (kindle)
TimeShift Easy System Restore or Time Machine like system snapshots. System files only not user files like Documents.
Greyhole HDD storage pooling with JBOD using Samba to create pools. *NOT a backup utility/RAID1 replacement.
P7zip File compression
Peazip Extended file support file compression
7-zip AES encryption supported compression support
BleachBit Program for cleaning web browser Pron cache, double-files. Free disc space (use with caution!).
f.lux White color filter for better reading at night, turns screen a warm orange.
Redshift White color filter for better reading at night, turns screen a warm red.
Solaar Logitech unifying receiver utility
GParted Easy but powerful HDD Partition manager.
Albert Lightweight desktop file and program search tool. Works on most Desktop Environments.
Tomboy Light system integrated note taking software, for jotting down quick references and links.
Synapse GUI, hotkey enabled quick program launcher.
Hamster Time tracking software

Networking Utilities

Software Notes
Wireshark Network monitoring and fault diagnosis.
Smb4K KDE samba windows shares configuration tool, NTFS.
Samba-configuration-tool Samba shares configuration tool including NTFS for multi-platform file sharing.
LinSSID Graphical Network discovery tool, similar to inSSIDer.

Terminal Based

Software Notes
htop Great lightweight process viewer. Customisable CPU/Mem/Swap graphs.
screenFetch A terminal utility for helping others discover your window tweaks, icons and themes. Useful for screenshots.
lolcat Colors your terminal text like a funky rainbow.
Guake Theme-able. Fancy drop down terminal emulator as seen on The Tek.
cool-retro-term Terminal emulator which mimics the look and feel of the old cathode tube screens.
Terminator Cross-platform GPL terminal emulator with multi-tabbed features.

Vendor Specific Applications

Software Notes
razerCommander GTK control center for managing Razer peripherals on Linux.
polychromatic A graphical front end for managing Razer peripherals under GNU/Linux.
SC Controller User-mode driver and GTK3 based GUI for Steam Controller.
SSCD Standalone userland driver for the Steam Controller to be used where Steam client can't be installed.

Editing, Coding & Web design

Software Notes
KDevelop The KDE Project's IDE. Very good, very performant alternative to Eclipse for C/C++/Objective-C/Python/PHP development. Uses Kate as a text editor (you can split vertical and horizontal as much as you want).
Bluefish Powerful but fast web development, scripts and programming language software.
Geany Small and lightweight Integrated Development Environment GTK2.
Brackets Open source text editor with good integrated CSS support.
Light Table Next generation code editor. Supports, e.g. Python and JavaScript. A modern hackable text editor.
Vim Vi IMproved, a new and extensible implementation of the Vi editor.
GNU emacs Extensible text editor.
TextSuggest Autocomplete tool for the Linux desktop.
LLVM Clang LLVM-based C/C++ compiler, high performance, supports up to C11/C++17.
GNU GCC The GNU Compiler Collection, high performance, supports up to C11/C++17/many more.
KATE The KDE Advanced Text Editor, if you've used Atom, this is like that but it crashes less. Supports plugins and has very good syntax highlighting.
Eclipse IDE IDE implemented in Java. Heavy, but some people like it.

There are MANY more

But The list above should give you and Idea Just how Closely Linux Rides along side Windows / Mac in terms of Software. There are only a handful of big programs that are not on Linux today, most if not all of those can be either Emulated or Alternatives can come close to offering the features required by most users.

Extended List of Linux Applications